Fields of Activities

HSKCO will accompany its clients in planning, procurement, building and optimal start-up of the industrial plant and production lines during their investment process.  more

Equipment Supply

The aim of the HSKCo. is to find qualified producers around the world in order to supply higher quality technology and equipment.  more

Investment Advisory

It is our pleasure to be in touch with you as a consultant company from the beginning of your investments and continue this cooperation.  more

What We Do


HSKCO with its qualified professional and educated group is working in different fields such as designing the production line and planning, project management, production line optimization, training the human resources, managing the factories related to chemical, petrochemical, mine and metal, energy (Oil, Condensate and gas refineries), distributed power plants(CHP systems) and other industries. more

International Cooperation 

Fields of Cooperation

We provide investment management services and cooperate with individuals and companies in manufacturing, industrial, mining, trade, financial services abroad under the laws of promotion and protection of foreign investment law.   more

Project Development

Understanding the business environment and different industrial sectors enables  HSKCO to analyze and project the performance of corporations using the services of highly qualified financial and industry analysts. more

Investing in Iran

Iran is certainly a unique market in the Middle East. It is populous, rich in natural resources and apt to technological progress and international developments. The country’s natural resources create a significant wealth.  more