Management of Engineering, Procurement and Construction management services is at the heart of our business. Our project managers stand for successful project development and project realization.

Engineering Services For Various Industrial Complexes Comprising Of:

·         Concept Assessment
·         Feasibility Studies
·         Basic Design
·         Detail Design
·         Tendering Services
·         Procurement and Expediting Services
·         Supervision of Design and Construction Works
·         Start-Up and Commissioning
·         Training and Commissioning Services

Feasibility Studies:

The goal is to ensure that the planned project will combine an adequate technical solution with maximum return.

That is, apart from meeting the technical requirements, the recommended alternative must simultaneously satisfy the given financial restraints and economic criteria.

To that end, application of economic analysis and forecasting methods should interplay and clarify the following:

  • Estimated Foreseeable Demands
  • Accurate Cost Forecasting and an Integrated System of Costs Estimate Incorporating the Various Project
  • Inflation Rates
  • Project Financing and Alternative Domestic International
  • Participation, Financial and Credit Availability Planning.
  • Invoicing Of the Project in Different Currencies
  • Estimated Appraisal of Returns on Capital Invested

Tendering Services:

Preparation of tender documents and contract award administration form another crucial area of consulting services. The long, exacting and often tedious tendering procedures, bid evaluation, negotiation and selection of qualified contractors require competent legal- technical advice.

Our company is particularly qualified to work closely with clients through this process and provide them with a complete quality package of services which include the following:

·         Appraising Construction Contractors Capabilities
·         Issuing Preliminary Invitation To Tender
·         Preparation of Legal Documents Including Appropriate
·         Conditions of Contract
·         Preparation of Material and Construction
·         Specifications and Other Relevant Bid Documents
·         Bid Evaluation and Selection of Top Contenders
·         Negotiations with Prospective Contractors
·         Contract Management Services


One of the more critical elements in completing a project successfully on schedule and within the allocated budget is effective project planning and control. More projects have gone astray because of the lack of proper planning than any other reason, resulting in delays and increased costs. Sophisticated scheduling requirement of large scale projects are indeed intended to ensure efficient delivery, installation and problem free commissioning as well as on time payment.

The services offered in this area include the following:

  • Preparation of the Overall Master Schedule
  • Development of Organization Charts
  • Preparation of Flow Diagrams
  • Graphic Display of Time Schedules, Equipment Allocation Plans, etc. in the Form of Bar Charts.
  • Development of Gantt Charts
  • Time Scheduling and Monitoring Program Package in the Form of A CPM (Time Phased CPMs and Function-Phased CPMs)
  • Construction Program Progress Charts To Allow an Assessment of the State Of Project Development at Any Time
  • Provision of Maintenance and Repair Schedules

 Supervision of Design and Construction:

For turn – key projects, our company can assist the client by providing a team of experts to supervise the design work on his behalf, before such work is approved by the client. Furthermore, for the construction/ erection phase of projects, technical staff of our company are able to perform supervisory and management functions, independent or in cooperation with the client’s personnel.

Our company initially designates an experienced and competent construction manager to discuss such requirements with the client before the supervisory team is put together. There after immediate action will be taken to phase in the planned project staff in order to ensure effective supervision of the works.

Start-Up and Commissioning:

Our company can provide the required personnel for the start up and commissioning phase of projects. They normally arrive at the job-site shortly before construction is completed to undertake following:

·         Receiving and Inspection
·         Customs Clearance Services
·         Warehousing
·         Inventory Management
·         Issuing For Construction
·         Re-Stocking
·         Handling of Surplus Materials
·         Check That the Plant Is Complete Based On Process Drawings
·         Check Each System to Make Sure That It Is Properly Installed
·         Check All Test Records to Verity That All Systems Have Been Properly Tested
·         Ensure That All Supplementary Equipment and Supporting
·         Services and Utilities Are Completed
·         Check the Operating Conditions to Ensure That the Entire
·         System Is Ready To Be Commissioned
·         Verity That All Safety Provisions Are Duly Observed and The Proper Equipment Are Available In Good Operating Condition
·         Plan and Supervise the Pre commissioning Tests
·         Plan and Supervise the Commissioning Operations and Advise Corrective Measures When Required
·         Train the Operating Personnel in the Start up And Commissioning Procedures So That Each Individual Is Familiarized with His Job and His Responsibilities
·         Assist the Operating Personnel In Commissioning Of Each System In An Orderly And Efficient Manner