We provide investment management services and cooperate with individuals and companies in manufacturing, industrial, mining, trade, financial services abroad under the laws of promotion and protection of foreign investment law.

HSKCO is committed to providing the highest levels of service to its clients and business partners and is operating a comprehensive compliance, risk and control environment, independently reviewed and supervised.

Foreign Cooperation With HSKCO Are Included In The Following Issues:

 1. Providing financial analysis, project development and engineering services for foreign investment in industrial, mining and trading projects.
2. Providing services in purchase, sale and transfer of shares of manufacturing, industrial, mining and trading companies.
3. Providing services in purchase, sale and conversion of bonds.
4. Receiving funds from foreign sources and providing engineering and financial services within the framework of investment plans in Iran in accordance to special contracts available.
5. Providing services in consultation, supervision, management, agency, and representation of the activities of foreign companies.
6. Doing all the businesses and trade activities in addition to signing contracts with individuals and organizations.
7. Cooperating with private sectors in foreign investments.
8. Importing technical know-how and new technologies into the country.
9. Importing best qualified machinery and equipment which are needed in industrial projects.
10. Exporting technical, engineering services and best qualified products of Iranian industries.